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The Importance of Bricks in Construction Business

In the world of construction, bricks play a vital role. As we have progressed in technology, we have been able to develop a more advanced form of bricks. Traditionally, the bricks were made of clay. The history of bricks goes as far as 5000 BC. These pieces of ancient technology were used by Roman, Egyptian and Indian civilizations. Interestingly, the bricks used by them are still intact and hold the architectural marvels.

There are a lot of benefits of using bricks while constructing any building. Some of them are:

Fire protection: The bricks do not catch fire or get affected by the heat very easily. Clay bricks have high-temperature resistance up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit. Fly ash bricks are made of a non-combustible substance which makes it close to impossible to get affected by the fire.

Wind protection: The houses made of bricks can bear stronger wind energy in comparison to houses constructed with vinyl and fiber. In some recent studies, it was clear that a house made of bricks can stand against winds up to 80 mph while fiber based houses can only afford to have steady base against winds up to 45 mph.

Moisture control: If the bricks are made with perfect clay, heat and water combination, they become the best source of moisture control. These porous bricks can control moisture in the room better than any other material.

Countless recycling: Bricks are used in houses and when these houses are torn down for some reason, the remaining pieces can be used as a base for the foundation of the house or of a road. The chipped bricks are also used in landscaping.

Minimal waste: As it is mostly a just mixture of naturally occurring material, the waste produced is minimal.

There are a lot of different kinds of bricks that serve different purposes. For example, the Fly ash bricks are used in places where high insulation is required. Red clay bricks are a most common form of bricks that are used in constructing buildings and houses. The benefits of using bricks are countless. They are not only a cheaper and more steady option as construction material but they are also good for the environment.

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